Elantas, the division within the the ALTANA Group, produces insulating materials for the electrical and electronics industry. By primary insulation is meant the first insulating layer applied directly to the electrical conductor. Primary insulating materials are varnishes – in the business of primary insulation mostly called wire enamels – which we supply to manufacturers of enameled wires. Elantas’ product portfolio includes wire enamels, impregnating resins and varnishes, casting and potting resins, electronic coatings, adhesives and flexible electrical insulation materials.

As Safari Klip, our partnership with Elantas, started in 1995 as distributorship in Turkey, includes supply chain and solution management services.

ELANTAS developed a series of resins for special applications in the industrial field. Special coatings are used as cross-linkers or binders in the formulation of products for various applications fields. Depending on our customer requirements we are offering a wide spectrum of possibilities for the application fields:

• Non-stick coatings
• Protective coatings
• Can coatings
• Industrial coatings
• Anti-friction coatingsr